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So it’s cold, snowy, icy, the middle of winter. Even so, why not play a round of golf on your lunch break? Yes, even this week. Golfing diehards who just can’t wait until the summer, months don’t have to. LuckyGolfer Inc., a virtual gaming site based in Stamford, provides new virtual golf games that can actually be beneficial to golfers who want to improve their skills, said Rick Perrone, president and chief executive officer of LuckyGolfer.

When 35-year-old Danny Errico began playing golf, besides the best golf clubs for beginners, the Prada-wearing founder of Manhattan’s Equinox fitness centers looked to wear the kinds of clothes on the green he was accustomed to wearing on the street. His attitude is changing the course of golf apparel. Many years ago, few dared to use golf and fashion in the same sentence. With the sport’s fast-growing popularity and the rampant spread of Tiger Woods fever, Seventh Avenue has begun trampling the fairway.

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