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Asia’s Golf Boom

Projected golf developments in several Asian countries are presented. One sign of the impending Asian golf boom was the number of participants and visitors at the Golf Asia conference held in Singapore. The predicted golf boom may last from 5 to 10 years and will be limited by environmental issues. Golf Courses are Springing up as Destinations Singapore has 21 golf courses and driving ranges. Malaysia has 91 existing golf courses. The Malaysian government intends to build 160 courses. In Thailand, more than 58 golf […]

With more and more destinations vying for prominence in the golf market, how can you choose the right course for your client? Peter Ellegard suggests resorts and destinations to suit different golfing requirements Golfers on a budget. While golfers tend to have more disposable income than other holidaymakers, there are lots of options for those who need to keep spending on a tight rein.

Thailand may not have the golfing tradition of, say, Scotland or England, but with such spots as the resort town of Phuket or the jungles and mountains of Chiang Mai, golfers in Thailand can play some challenging holes in up-and-coming golfing destinations. As delegates to the upcoming ASTA Congress in Bangkok will find out, golf courses are sprouting up throughout Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. Some of the most comprehensive golfing packages to Thailand are available through the national airline, Thai Airways, and […]

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