Foot Care Product Trends

Besides the best shoes for your foot pain, such as the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, orthotics and arch supports are inserts designed to support the middle section of the foot or mid-foot arch. This area of the foot is where most people experience pain and discomfort due to lack of support. Orthotics will help correct two of the major foot problems: pronation and supination. Pronation occurs when the foot turns inward excessively and then strikes the ground unevenly. Pronation can lead to flat feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, as well as hip, knee and back pain.
Supination occurs when the foot turns outward excessively and can lead to ankle sprains, ligament strains, and tendonitis.


Podiatrists often prescribe custom orthotics, but many of today’s off-the-rack models are similar in quality to the custom models and cost a fraction of the price.


Shoe care products are generally broken down into three main categories: cleaners, protectors, and conditioners. Cleaners and protectors represent the lion’s share of sales in the category. Most consumers are familiar with aerosol Instant Cleaner and Water Repellent. These two products provide a quick and effective maintenance option for the consumer. Most consumers are willing to invest in protecting their new footwear purchases.

This is one of the fastest-growing areas in sporting goods and athletic footwear stores. The category is a tremendous opportunity for the retailer to build a high margin sale while providing a value-added service to the end consumer. The key to success is simple: demonstrate or suggest the product while the customer is trying on a pair of shoes.
Here’s a rundown on key product areas.


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The growth of the insole business has outpaced that of athletic footwear. Insoles are now available in a variety models that will fit just about every foot type that crosses the lease line. Advances in technology have made insoles a great performance enhancing add-on sale. Insoles provide cushioning, support, comfort, and will improve the fit of many footwear styles.

Only the most knowledgeable consumers will come in asking for insole and shoe care products. Vendors in this category suggest a few of the following sales techniques.

For insoles: “Let me show you a product that many runners/athletes ask for.”

“I stand on my feet all day and this insole really makes a difference.”

“You’re buying a great pair of shoes. Let me show you a way to enhance their performance and durability for just a few extra dollars.”

* For orthotics and arch support: Doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers suggest these products for people with foot problems.

* For shoe care products “You just purchased a great pair of shoes. Here are a few products that will keep them looking like new.”

Step number one is to get insoles in consumers’ shoes. If they try, they will buy. Use the packaging to explain features and benefits. Mention any guarantees or warranties.

For shoe care items, show the product to the consumer, explain how it works, and demonstrate products such as cleaners and waterproofers for free.

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